John: Outline of Contents

    I. Introduction (1:1–51)

    A. Prologue (1:1–18)

    B. Encounter with John the Baptist and call of disciples (1:19–51)

    II. Jesus’s manifestation of God’s glory before the world (2:1–12:50)

    A. Wine miracle (2:1–12)

    B. Cleansing of the temple (2:13–25)

    C. Discussion with Nicodemus on birth from above (3:1–21)

    D. The second appearance of the Baptist (3:22–36)

    E. Conversation with Samaritan woman (4:1–42)

    F. Returning to Galilee and healing of official’s son (4:43–54)

    G. Healing at pool of Beth-zatha and related discourse (5:1–47)

    H. Feeding of five thousand and related incidents and discussions (6:1–71)

    I. Jesus at Festival of Tabernacles (7:1–52)

    J. Woman taken in adultery (7:53–8:11)

    K. Jesus the Light of the World (8:12–59)

    L. Restoration of sight to blind man (9:1–41)

    M. Jesus the Good Shepherd (10:1–42)

    N. Raising of Lazarus from the dead (11:1–44)

    O. Condemnation of Jesus (11:45–57)

    P. Triumphal entry and related events (12:1–50)

    III. Jesus’s manifestation of God’s glory to his disciples (13:1–20:31)

    A. The Last Supper; Jesus washes disciples’ feet (13:1–38)

    B. First farewell discourse to disciples (14:1–31)

    C. Second farewell discourse to disciples (15:1–16:33)

    D. Jesus’s final prayer (17:1–26)

    E. The passion narrative: Jesus’s arrest, trial, crucifixion, and burial (18:1–19:42)

    F. Discovery of empty tomb and resurrection appearances in Jerusalem (20:1–31)

    IV. Appendix: Jesus’s appearance by Sea of Galilee to Peter and others (21:1–25)

    Courtesy of HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, ed. Mark Allan Powell (New York: HarperCollins, 2011), 480.