Barren Fig-Tree: Excerpt from a Sermon by John Bunyan (Box 27.4)

John Bunyan (author of Pilgrim’s Progress) preached a sermon in 1673 on Luke 13:6–9, stressing the limits of God’s forbearance—a prominent theme in 2 Peter.

Barren Fig-tree, Dost thou hear?

the Ax is laid to thy roots,

the Lord Jesus prays God to spare thee;

Hath he been digging about thee?

Hath he been dunging of thee?

O Barren Fig-tree, Now thou art come to the point;

if thou shalt now become good,

if thou shalt after a gracious manner suck in the Gospel-dung,

and if thou shalt bring forth fruit unto God . . . Well!

But if not, the fire is the last.

Fruit or the Fire!

Fruit or the Fire, Barren Fig-tree!