James: Outline of Contents

I. Epistolary introduction (1:1)

II. Introduction of major themes (1:2–27)

A. Enduring trials (1:2–4, 12–15)

B. Prayer and divine wisdom (1:5–8)

C. Rich and poor (1:9–11)

D. Wisdom from above (1:16–18)

E. The use of the tongue (1:19–21)

F. Doers of the word (1:22–27)

III. Development of major themes (2:1–5:20)

A. Rich and poor in the assembly (2:1–13)

B. Doers of the word (2:14–26)

C. The use of the tongue (3:1–12)

D. Prayer and divine wisdom (3:13–4:10)

E. Doers of the law and judging one’s neighbor (4:11–12)

F. Rich and poor and the pursuit of wealth (4:13–5:6)

G. Endurance of trials (5:7–11)

H. On swearing (5:12)

I. Prayer and faith (5:13–18)

J. The recovery of a neighbor (5:19–20)

Courtesy of HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, ed. Mark Allan Powell (New York: HarperCollins, 2011), 427.