2 Timothy: Outline of Contents

I. Introduction (1:1–7)

A. Prescript (1:1–2)

B. Thankful remembrance for Christian heritage of Paul and Timothy (1:3–7)

II. Exhortations (1:8–4:5)

A. Experience of suffering as authentication of elect (1:8–2:26)

B. Presence of heresy as authentication of prophecy; great value of tradition (3:1–4:5)

III. Conclusion (4:6–22)

A. Personal notes concerning Paul’s situation; final instructions (4:6–18)

B. Greetings (4:19–21)

C. Grace, offered on behalf of church (4:22)

Courtesy of HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, ed. Mark Allan Powell (New York: HarperCollins, 2011), 1051.