1 Timothy: Outline of Contents

I. Introduction (1:1–20)

A. Prescript (1:1–2)

B. Purpose of Timothy’s present ministry in Ephesus: to combat heretical teaching (1:3–11)

C. Thanksgiving for God’s mercy to Paul; an example (1:12–17)

D. Timothy to maintain a good conscience, something rejected by others (1:18–20)

II. Charge to Timothy (2:1–6:19)

A. Prayers for all, especially rulers (2:1–7)

B. Man’s worship and woman’s (relating to her praiseworthy public image) (2:8–15)

C. Qualifications for office of bishop (3:1–7)

D. Qualifications for deacons (and deaconesses?) (3:8–13)

E. Word to Timothy concerning church (3:14–16)

F. Asceticism of heretics to be counteracted by Timothy’s instruction, example, and care of special persons (4:1–5:2)

G. Procedures for enrolling widows; how to deal with too many (5:3–16)

H. Maintaining integrity of office of elder (5:17–25)

I. Behavior of Christian slaves (6:1–2)

J. Deplorable conduct of heretics; special warning against avarice (6:3–10)

K. Exhortations to Timothy (6:11–16; see also 5:21–25)

L. Word to the wealthy (6:17–19)

III. Conclusion: final warning against teachers of “false knowledge” (6:20–21)

Courtesy of HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, ed. Mark Allan Powell (New York: HarperCollins, 2011), 1049.