Basic New Testament Chronology (Box 2.1)



63 BCE

Pompey conquers Jerusalem for Rome

ca. 6–4 BCE

birth of Jesus

ca. 30–33 CE

crucifixion of Jesus

ca. 32–36 CE

Paul becomes a follower of Christ

ca. 46–65 CE

Paul’s missionary journeys and imprisonment (as recorded in Acts);

Paul’s letters written during this period

ca. 62–65 CE

martyrdom of Peter and Paul in Rome

ca. 65–73 CE

Gospel of Mark written

66 CE

outbreak of Jewish war with Rome

70 CE

destruction of the Jerusalem temple

73 CE

fall of Masada—definitive end of the Jewish war

ca. 80–100 CE

other New Testament books written: Matthew, Luke, John, Acts, and “second-generation” letters by followers of the original apostles