Galatians: Outline of Contents

I. Epistolary prescript (1:1–5)

II. Introduction (1:6–11)

III. Statement of facts (1:12–2:14)

A. Thesis (1:12)

B. First part: from Paul’s birth to mission in Asia Minor (1:13–24)

C. Second part: Paul’s second visit in Jerusalem (the Jerusalem Council; 2:1–10)

D. Third part: conflict at Antioch (2:11–14)

IV. Proposition (2:15–21)

V. Proofs (probatio; 3:1–4:31)

A. First argument: the Galatians’ experience of the Spirit (3:1–5)

B. Second argument: God’s promise to Abraham (3:6–14)

C. Third argument: common human practice of law (3:15–18)

D. Digression: Jewish Torah (3:19–25)

E. Fourth argument: Christian tradition (3:26–4:11)

F. Fifth argument: friendship (4:12–20)

G. Sixth argument: allegory of Sarah and Hagar (4:21–31)

VI. Exhortation (exhortatio; 5:1–6:10)

A. Warning against acceptance of Jewish Torah (5:1–12)

B. Warning against corruption of flesh (5:13–24)

C. Recommendations for the Christian life (5:25–6:10)

VII. Epistolary postscript (6:11–18)

Courtesy of HarperCollins Bible Dictionary, ed. Mark Allan Powell (New York: HarperCollins, 2011), 309.